Business Rights

  • Drafting of contracts and leases.
  • Accompaniment in the negotiation for takeover or sale of company.
  • Cartel Legislation
  • Price legislation.
  • Criminal business law.

Company Rights

  • Choice of legal form.
  • Realization of all operations (constitution, capital increase, transfer of shares, merger, transformation, division, dissolution, liquidation).
  • Corporate Secretariat: minutes of boards of directors and general meetings and related formalities.

Individual Business Law

  • Heritage Law.
  • Social insurance of the head of the company.
  • Transmission.

Tax Law

  • Studies and consultations on tax issues.
  • Participation in the preparation of tax returns:
    • direct taxes,
    • T.V.A. and related taxes,
    • property tax,
    • Registration fees and transfer taxes,
    • Customs
    • other taxes.
  • Taxpayer assistance during audits.
The firm carries out the preparation for the preparation or the monitoring of declarations and acts. Consultations, studies and opinions relate to accounting work or are carried out for companies in which the firm carries out permanent or customary accounting tasks.
The firm undertakes to make an adequate application of the texts in force and to inform and advise its client in the presence of difficulties of interpretation. Contact Us