A solution tailored to your needs

Running your business on a day-to-day basis thanks to the scalable dashboard (margin control, C.A, cash …) and an automatic update.

Save valuable time: all the information you save is taken into account in real time and accessible 24/7.

Relaunch your customers without having to wait for the data generally transmitted by your bank.

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Highlights of our accounting software

Our accounting software offers multiple features

Keep all your accounting documents: thanks to the Internet, you can consult your accounting data at any time.

Keep in touch with your Accountant through the Internet.

Simplicity of use: you simply record all the data concerning your organization (invoices, purchases ...)

Security: all the information entered is saved.

Confidentiality: our accounting software offers you the best guarantees in terms of confidentiality and respect for the information transmitted.

Limited investment: in addition to the monthly subscription, your only investment is a PC connected to the Internet!