Labor Law

  • Application of labor legislation and regulations.
  • Consultation on problems specific to labor law.
  • Study and drafting of employment contracts.
  • Issues of dismissal.
  • Problems relating to representation in the company, employee delegates, works council, right to organize.
  • Study and application of texts relating to the participation of workers in the fruits of expansion.
  • Support for the establishment of profit-sharing schemes, participation, company savings plan (implementation, control).

Payroll Management

  • Establishment of company payrolls and salary accounting.
  • Preparation of annual quarterly social security returns and annual salary declarations.
  • Management of work stoppages.
  • Employee leave management.
  • Assistance with the complaint and verification of social administrations (URSSAF control).

Social report

  • Consultation on issues specific to social security and social security (including pension schemes).
  • Social performance of the manager (s).
  • Aid for the creation of special social protection for the managers and employees of the company.
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